SIM is online!

Image of Viet Trinh looking at an embossed map. In the background , a computer display shows a 3-D map of a building, built using SIM.
Friday, January 17, 2020

The SIM (Semantic Interior Mapology) web tool has been launched online for anyone to use. Using SIM’s intuitive interface, you can quickly and precisely trace the layout of a building starting from an existing map. SIM then produces a digital representation of the building’s interior in GeoJSON (a standard format), and renders it in 3-D on a regular web browser. SIM can be used to generate interactive visualizations of real estate, or to model building interiors for applications in robotics and location-aware services. SIM was developed by Viet Trinh, a Computer Engineering Ph.D. candidate in the Computer Vision Lab at the UCSC Baskin School of Engineering. Viet uses SIM to generate embossed maps of buildings for people who are blind.