Welcome to the UCSC Computer Vision Lab!


We do research on several aspects of computer vision, image processing, and sensor signal processing, including:

  • Mobile vision
  • Assistive technology for persons with visual impairment
  • Visual tracking
  • 3-D vision
  • Computational photography
  • Surveillance

The laboratory, formed in 2001 by R. Manduchi and H. Tao, is part of the Department of Computer Engineering at UC Santa Cruz. Our research is or has been supported by grants from NSF, NIH, DARPA, NASA, HP Labs, SAIC, Honda Research, NEC, Nokia Research, CITRIS, VW, and Microsoft. 

Please visit our projects and publications pages for information about our current and past research.

Lab logo by Qi Zhang

If you are interested in joining the UCSC Computer Vision Lab as a graduate student, please apply to the Computer Engineering Department.