3-D Indoor Reconstruction

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Seongdo Kim advanced to candidacy with a proposal titled Incremental 3-D Reconstruction of Indoor Scenes

Here is the abstrac of his proposal: 3D reconstruction, a popular topic in computer vision, has been researched extensively for more than three decades. Several image-based structure-from-motion algorithms have been proposed. However, 3-D reconstruction of indoor, human-made structures presents specific challenges due to distinctive properties such as lack of textures and dramatic changes in viewpoint. In this work, I will propose a novel approach for 3D reconstruction of indoor scenes under the "Manhattan world" constraint, which assumes that visible planes intersect at orthogonal angles. To recover such planes, my algorithm clusters chains of co-planar feature points and junctions matched over consecutive image pairs followed by planar-constrained parameter optimization. Image patches are then retrieved, allowing for the 3D rendering of the resulting structure. Different from traditional Structure-from- Motion algorithms, my algorithm also estimates 3D planes instead of only individual 3D points and renders the input images using the estimated 3D planes in planar-patch-wise fashion. This enables generation of dense reconstructions with fewer images and facilitates real-world mobile applications.

Congrats Seongdo!