UCSC Computer Vision lab logo (credit: Qi Zhao)

We do research on different aspects of computer vision,  sensor signal processing, and human-machine interface. Most of our projects are guided by applications in assistive technology for people who are blind or have a visual impairment.

The laboratory, formed in 2001 by R. Manduchi and H. Tao, is part of the Department of Computer Engineering at UC Santa Cruz. Our research is or has been supported by grants from NSF, NIH, DARPA, NASA, Research to Prevent Blindness, Transportation Research Board, CITRIS, HP Labs, SAIC, Honda Research, Imimtek, NEC, Nokia Research, CITRIS, VW, Microsoft, Toyota. We are particularly indebted to the late Mr. Larry Bock, who generously contributed to the mission of our lab.

Please visit our projects and publications pages for information about our current and past research. The lab is located at E2-209.

If you are interested in joining the UCSC Computer Vision Lab as a graduate student, please apply to the Computer Engineering Department.


Lab members

Picture of Muratcan Cicek

Muratcan Cicek

Picture of Hossein DaraeiHossein Daraei
Picture of Harsimran KaurHarsimran Kaur

Picture of Seongdo KimSeongdo Kim

Picture of Andy Port Andy Port

Picture of Siyang QinSiyang Qin

Picture of Brigit SchroederBrigit Schroeder
Picture of Viet TrinhViet Trinh
Picture of Roberto ManduchiRoberto Manduchi